Are you super shy around intimacy? Afraid to show your naked body? Never truly experienced a MIND BLOWING BODY orgasm?


You are not alone, only 10% of women reach climax during any type of sexual actitivity.

I want to share with you my personal tips for reaching deeper, more full body arousing orgasms.


I have a video I want to share with you.


In this video I teach you all my sexy orgasm tips.

No matter if you haven't orgasmed before or struggle with reaching climax, this video is for you.

Mind Blowing Orgasms with Nora

Why watch this video?

  • 1

    Learn my #1 tool to get to know your body better

    It all starts with the relationship you have to yourself. Reaching orgasm means you need to know HOW you can reach orgasm. My #1 tool is the perfect practice that will help you reach orgasm!

  • 2

    Learn the different types of orgasm a woman can have

    Most women can't orgasm through penetrative sex, learn the different types of orgasm and how to stimulate each one. It's fascinating, I didn't know I was orgasming until I learnt these!

  • 3

    Learn why foreplay is actually "main play"!

    He grabs straight for your bits, you feel uncomfortable and you are's not pleasurable. Learn how I use foreplay as my main sexual play to truly turn myself on (and have mind blowing orgasms because of it!)

  • 4

    Learn how to ask for what you want in the bedroom

    You aren't going to get the pleasure (and orgasms) you truly want/crave if you don't ask for what you want. I share with you my favourite way to get what you want!

Mind Blowing Orgasms with Nora

In this video I am sharing with you ALL my juicy juicy orgasm tips that I have learnt studying feminine arousal, and of course practicing with all my lovers 😉


Nora is a world reknown Feminine Magnetism Expert teaching women how to own their sexuality, femininty and confident selves. 


She has been featured on MindValley and Elephant Journal for her teaching on relationships and femininity.


Every day she inspires 1000's of women to  feel magnetic in who they are.


Annie Jade

Food Consultant

Working with Nora has allowed me to....

 speak my mind so much more freely. I'm not scared of being me. I am able to show up as my true authentic self and every passing day allows me to reveal more of my truth.

Kendall Topalof

Inspirational Mentor

Honestly I feel like a different person when I walk down the street.

I feel confident and radiant. As soon as I notice myself starting to shy and hide away, I use the tools Nora has taught me and I am able to instantly come back to a place of confidence and love for myself.

Melanie M

Cyber Security Expert

This is not like any other coaching.

Nora holds such a beautiful space. I feel that anchoring in of that high vibe feeling is what women need to empower themselves and step into the woman they dream of being.

Chantelle W

Film maker

Highly Recommend Nora!

I've learned how to anchor in confidence and create new empowering belief pathways that I have never experienced before. By working with Nora I have made leaps and bounds in my personal growth as a sexy, confident woman!

Terri M

Adminstration Executive

I love myself now.

Greater self love, self compassion and self forgiveness. This is something I have struggled with for a long time and have sought many different therapies and modalities to assist with. Although I believe all work is cumulative and helpful, nothing has given me such a sense of comfort and relief as Nora’s coaching and trainings.

Niki S

Women's Retreat Facilitator

Just do it. I didn't regret working with Nora

All women deserve to FEEL and LIVE their brilliance .... Nora is gifted in being able to show you that’s possible and to give you the tools to make that happen Honestly! She’s just AMAZING!

Is this Video Right for You?

I've inspired 1000's of women to own their sexuality and become magnetic in the process. Is this what you desire as well?


  • Women who want to learn more about pleasure and arousal

  • Women who want more mind blowing orgasms

  • Women who are ready to open up sexually

  • Women who are ready to learn more about themselves


  • Women afraid to commit to themselves

  • Women not ready to learn more about their own sexuality

  • Women who can't admit that they can't orgasm

  • Women who don't want to learn about mind blowing orgams

Mind Blowing Orgasms with Nora

For all you women out there who so deeply crave full body pleasure.


Feminine Magnetism Expert

Once purchased there are no refunds as you have direct access to the video training.